Why use SAP Solution Manager and Project Administration for your next project?

by Michael Pytel

April 28, 2011

You're getting ready to start your implementation project and you’ve heard you should be using SAP Solution Manager Project Administration. How can SAP Solution Manager help you during an upgrade project or enhancement package installation?

To answer this question, here is an excerpt from my IT 2011 presentation "Maximizing SAP Blueprinting with SAP Solution Manager: An In-Depth Examination of Business Process Repository
and Project Administration."

For additional details and SAP Solution Manager tips for project management, join me for a Q&A  in the IT Forum on Thursday, April 28 at 1:30-2:30pm EST. Register here for the full presentation slides,  then post your own SAP Solution Manager questions in the Forum and join the discussion on April 28.

An Introduction to Project Administration in SAP Solution Manager
Project Administration is not only useful for implementations and upgrades, but also for enhancement package projects and long-term operations.


  • Comprised of multiple transactions in SAP Solution Manager


  • RMMAIN – SAP Roadmaps
  • SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN – Project setup and configuration
  • SOLAR01/SOLAR02 – Used during Blueprinting/Realization
  • SOLAR_EVAL – Project Reporting

  • Built to support SAP’s ASAP methodology as a project document repository

  • Tight integration with most SAP solutions


Why Use Project Administration?


  • Gains visibility into the scope of the project

    • Who’s assigned to what task, and what’s the task status?
    • What business processes are in scope for my project?

  • Associates transaction codes and IMG menu items to the business process
    • Great knowledgebase for production support post go-live

  • Centrally report against and find information using SOLAR_EVAL

  • No more hidden items

    • See what has been configured and what is outstanding

    • Search by document title, owner, keywords

    • Add TREX and search the content of document

  • Ensures all business processes and transactions are cataloged

  • Stores functional and technical specification documents for custom development items (e.g., Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms, and Workflows [RICEFW] objects)

  • Enables project documents to be reusable

  • Not only useful for implementations and upgrades, but also for EHP projects and long-term operations


When to Use Project Administration?

  • Store your project team onboarding information

  • Centrally manage project plans, project charters, etc.

  • Define Business Scenarios that are in scope

  • Detail business process steps

  • Leverage Business Process Repository examples

  • Create placeholders for development objects

  • Gather Workshop and Design Session output


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