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Evaluate various SAP implementation approaches analytically

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

August 12, 2011

The process for choosing an SAP implementation approach can be tricky. Some organizations prefer to do a big-bang implementation: Put everything in all at once, and get everybody on board at the same time. Others prefer a phased approach: putting in modules one at a time, or implement applications in a staggered nature from one location to the next.

Choosing the approach ends up coming down to management's choice. As we've seen in many areas, analytics can help make management choices smarter, and SAP implementations are no different. Jeetendra Kumar, IT director at Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc., explains such an analytical process in the SAP Professional Journal article, "Use the AHP Methodology to More Effectively Define and Evaluate Your SAP Implementation Approach."

The AHP stands for analytic hierarchy process, which you can learn more about at Simply put, this methodology allows you to consider various criteria and subcriteria. When you rate these criteria, the AHP program crunches some numbers and tells you the optimal implementation approach for a given scenario.

One of AHP's features is a sensitivi ty chart, which changes depending related to alterations in priorities. Consider this sample from Jeetendra's article:

The AHP program generates the sensitivity charts for each node. It provides analysis on how the alternatives ranking behaves in response to changes in priorities. Figure 9 shows an example in which the current priority value of the criterion organizational readiness is 0.34, so the optimal implementation is the business process approach followed by the business partners approach. If the priority of the criterion organizational readiness is increased to 0.55, then the optimal implementation approach is the business partners approach followed by the business process approach. The AHP program allows you to perform the sensitivity analysis at any of the nodes and analyze the criteria and subcriteria.

For the full article, subscribers can go here. For more information about SAP Professional Journal, go here.

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