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Highlight Problem Records, Then Sort Them

by Margaret Hein

August 18, 2011

by M.S. Hein, HR Expert

The following tip is taken from the HR Expert article “Tips for Adding Traffic Light Icons to SAP Queries” by Owen McGivney, published in August 2011.

Owen McGivney has just written an interesting tips article about how to use calculated fields in SAP query to liven up your forms. It makes forms more colorful graphically, while at the same time clearly and succinctly illustrating the pertinent information for users. His article, “Tips for Adding Traffic Light Icons to SAP Queries,” explains how to use traffic light icons to highlight problem records such as records for new employees who don’t have tax codes, national insurance categories, or bank details set up before their first payroll run.

His example is a query to check that every new employee has bee n set up with a valid payment method record on infotype 0009 (bank details). He explains that, “The company policy is to pay all employees by direct bank transfer (known in the UK as BACS transfer and in the US as direct deposit). The only exception is for new employees who are having bank accounts set up, in which case it is acceptable to pay by check only until a bank account is set up. No other payment methods (e.g., cash or international bank transfers) are allowed. By running this query, the payroll team can prevent missed payments to those employees for whom no payment method has been input and proactively follow up on employees who have been set up with temporary check payments.”

To meet this requirement he provides three steps for setting up an SAP query based on payment method with the following traffic light icons in the final column:

  • Green: The employee is set up correctly with a valid electronic bank transfer payment method record.
  • Yellow: The employee is set up with a temporary check payment method that needs to be followed up and replaced by a permanent direct bank transfer record.
  • Red: The employee is missing a valid bank record.

In this excerpt from the article, he shows how to sort and filter on the traffic light icons.

Select the traffic light column in the query by clicking it; it is highlighted as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 Selecti ng the traffic light column

Click the filter icon, highlighted in Figure 2. Then select the color of the traffic lights required and press enter or click the green checkmark button to filter the output (Figure 3).


Figure 2 Filter button in the SAP list viewer


Figure 3 Sort options for the traffic light column

Alternatively, you can use the sort icons (highlighted in Figure 4) to sort the query either in ascending order (green, yellow, red) or descending order (red, yellow, green).


Figure 4 Sort button in the SAP list viewer

(If you are already a subscriber to HR Expert, you can read a complete version of this article here: “Tips for Adding Traffic Light Icons to SAP Queries,” by Owen McGivney.) 

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