How to overcome business rules syndication issues with SAP NetWeaver MDM

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director, Financials & GRC

December 16, 2011

Implementations of any application or module can encounter a variety of issues. There can be training issues. There can be technical issues, certainly. Design, project management, data accuracy, reporting -- the list goes on. 

For SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (MDM), IBM Global Business Services enterprise solution architect Mohammad Assad Shaik has identified four key implementation challenges that he has observed:

1. Syndication

2. Data domain relationships

3. User interface

4. Business rules syndication

Assad detailed key points of these challenges, and how to overcome them, in his latest SAP Professional Journal article, "4 SAP NetWeaver MDM Design Challenges Solved." Assad notes that 50-70% of most organizations' requirements can be met out of the box with SAP NetWeaver MDM, but that the most successful organizations can get closer to 100% by tackling these four issues.

Below is an excerpt from the business rules syndication section:

It’s mandatory that you align business rules between SAP NetWeaver MDM and consuming syst ems such as SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC). Rebuilding all the SAP ECC-related business rules in SAP NetWeaver MDM is a challenge that leads to solution complexity, plus increased implementation and maintenance costs.

Some SAP ECC business rules can change over time. Not replicating the updated business rules in SAP NetWeaver MDM results in gaps due to human error. Data flowing from SAP NetWeaver MDM to SAP ECC fails if a variance exists in business rules, which is a common problem in organizations.

As a best practice, I recommend that you call either the remote-enabled function module (RFM) or the Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) from SAP ECC. This practice executes required validations on the SAP NetWeaver MDM data steward UI before saving the data into SAP NetWeaver MDM.

This technique helps execute required validations without programming all the consuming system business rules into SAP NetWeaver MDM. It also eliminates the risk of a variance of business rules between SAP NetWeaver MDM and consuming systems such as SAP ECC.

For the full article, SAP Professional Journal subscribers can go here. For more information about SPJ.

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