Process sales leads using surveys from the SAP CRM Interaction Center

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February 15, 2011


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This SAP CRM tip comes from an article written by John Burton, director of solution management, SAP Interaction Center, and social CRM at SAP, and Bill Pritchett, senior business process engineer at Dow Corning Corporation. The advice was posted in December 2010 to CRM Expert, the leading independent online knowledgebase for professionals who manage and support SAP CRM activities.


Many companies create leads directly from their call center or contact center. For example, companies often rent or purchase lead lists containing the names and contact information of potential prospects. Companies then use these leads to create outbound telephone or email campaigns.

In some cases, the agents might use call lists to place outbound calls to prospective customers. In other cases, prospective customers may be calling into the contact center in response to an email offer that they received as part of an outbound em ail campaign. In both scenarios, the contact center agents need the ability to create a lead and have the system automatically score the lead using pre-defined criteria.

The SAP CRM Interaction Center provides the ability for contact center agents to create leads and to score the leads either manually or automatically in a process almost identical to how it’s done in the SAP CRM WebClient UI sales pro or marketing pro roles.

Note also that there is a slight terminology difference in the Interaction Center — the term questionnaire refers to a survey, while sales pro and marketing pro roles use the term assessment.

In both the Interaction Center and the CRM WebClient UI sales and marketing pro roles, the user can supplement the automated scoring process performed by the system with an additional user-selected score (see the figure below).



Caption: Option to add a user-selected score


Both scores — the automated scoring and the manual scoring — are saved as part of the lead. This information can then be later used to route the lead to the most appropriate salesperson for follow up.


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