Q&A with Doug Whittle on leadership development program now available

by Amy Thistle

February 22, 2011

In my recent interview with Doug Whittle, President of Whittle Consulting Group, he gave me a  preview of his executive session at HR 2011: “Strategies for building and implementing a formal internal leadership development program as part of your organization’s succession plan.”

Doug is a long-time speaker who is well-known by attendees of SAPinsider events. He is a strong advocate for a strategic succession planning where leaders are “there by design, not by accident."  But he also points out that strong leadership development programs have other benefits -- including direct impact on job satisfaction and retention.

Doug also gave tips for those attending HR 2011 for making the most of your experience. Don't just stay in your hotel rooms or on email! And do you ever find yourself saying "Yes, but... that doesn't apply to MY organization!" Doug has an alternative to that line of thinking!

For more on Doug’s upcoming sessions at HR 2011, March 8-11 in Las Vegas, visit

 Listen to Doug’s podcast here


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