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SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 is here

by Laura Casasanto

February 23, 2011

As many of you probably read about today, SAP officially dropped SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 at a live broadcasted event out of NYC (you can catch it here if you missed it). The new release has it all – in-memory computing, increased mobile access, greater data collection from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. SAP’s Steve Lucas went so far as to say, “4.0 is, without a doubt, the most powerful, compelling release in our history.”

Lucas had his colleague Dan Lalh come up to demo 4.0’s new features on a range of mobile devices – RIM’s Torch and PlayBook, an Apple iPad, and a Samsung Galaxy (running Android OS). The ability to analyze a wide range of data, drill down and format reports in myriad ways, even pull together unstructured data with as much ease as when working with structured data made me want to run out and get a PlayBook to start running reports myself. And the user interface is, as expected, quite impressive. I found the two ring “briefing book” style UI used in Exploration Views particularly attractive.  

But that’s just me, a non-SAP user with no tablet devices to my name and only one Android’s worth of smartphone experience. I’m sure some of you BusinessObjects users out there have your own opinions of the new release. So what do you say: Hot or Not?

And if you’re looking for some SAP Experts-quality info on 4.0, check out BI Expert’s new article “SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP Edition — BEx and Voyager Combined” by Ingo Hilgefort which goes into web-based deployments in the new release. 

-Laura, Project Expert


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Dave Hannon

9/25/2013 8:52:37 PM

Great review Laura. Agreed. The two words that stuck in my head after that demo with were "fast" and "mobile". It was all about the delivery (speed and format) which I think users are looking for right now, as they try to expand their business as fast as possible in the post-recession era. Gotta be fast and it's gotta be mobile.