SAP developers: Your Dream Job might be waiting for you!

by Dave Hannon

February 11, 2011

Dave Hannon

It’s clear that the IT job market is picking up and you, the IT professional, have more options today than you have had in a long time. But before you make a hasty jump to a company to get a slight bump up in salary, you might want to ask yourself, “Is it time to take a shot—a serious shot—at my dream job?” If you answered yes, then keep reading. (Okay even if you answered no, I’d really like you to keep reading but suspect you might not given the way I teed that up there).

For the unconvinced, here's one more piece of evidence about the IT job market: CareerBuilder’s annual IT hiring forecast reveals that 42% of IT employers plan to increase the number of full-time, permanent employees this year, a full 10% jump from last year and higher growth than any other industry. (Check out this nifty slideshow from ITBusinessEdge for more stats.) And more retirement-aged workers are exiting the workforce now than in the past few years, when the economy had us all afraid to lose a paycheck, so hiring is growing faster as a result.

But one sector of the IT market is really hungry for good talent: mobile. A late 2010 survey from Bloomberg/BusinessWeek found that almost 57% of employers and outside recruiters that hired for mobile-related jobs in 2010 plan to increase such hires in the next 12 months. In fact, more than half the respondents described the supply of quality mobile-software designers and engineers as “scarce.” (Keep reading--dream job's coming).

If you have mobile app development skills – or you can get them – you’re in the catbird seat. But which companies, among the mobile app developers, would you really want to work for? I mean the kick-butt, living-the-dream, shoot-for-the-moon, type of gig. Give me two company names. (Waits).  

Okay, now here are the two hot tips here for your dream job, but keep them under your hat, or all your colleagues are going to be sending their resumes over too: IT career web site says both Google and SAP Labs are hiring mobile app developers. Yeah, Google and SAP. Were those the two companies you answered in the previous paragraph?

How cool would that be? Working on the latest and greatest mobile apps for one of the most innovative companies in world? Google is Google, right? Maybe Al Gore invented the Internet, but Google made it accessible.

And I know most of you reading this are steeped in SAP, so SAP Labs is the natural dream job. And it’s there—now, waiting for you. While I don't have an inside knowledge of SAP&rs quo;s hiring plans, I did speak with a mobile exec at SAP this week who was positively giddy with the amount and variety of mobile activity they're producing, heading in directions that will honestly surprise you soon. I mean not-your-grandfather's kind of mobile stuff.

And when you finally do get the call and land the interview for that dream job developing apps at one of these innovation machines, you can prepare with Dice’s 8 Interview Questions for Mobile App Developers. There are some really pertinent points in there.

And lastly, now that you have some great leads on what you should do to nail that dream job interview, here’s CareerBuilder’s list of the most outrageous things people actually did to **** interviews, along with some of the most common mistakes made at interviews. In addition to a few chuckle there are some common-sense tips in there, for those of you who haven’t been on an interview since before the cell phone was invented. (I know you’re out there!).

Good luck! And when you do nail that job at SAP Labs, be sure to return the favor by slipping your old buddy Dave some inside tips on what they’re working on over there in the way-back secret rooms. If it's as cool as I think it is, we're going to have plenty to write about in the next couple years!

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