Tips for Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center

by Amy Thistle

February 25, 2011

This SAP CRM tip comes courtesy of John Burton, SAP, who is speaking at our upcoming CRM 2011 event, March 22 – 25 in Orlando, FL and who is the author of the book “Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center”. Discover what the SAP CRM Interaction Center is, and learn how to maximize it through customization and enhancement. Get an introduction to the features of the Interaction Center (IC) user interface.


The various elements of an SAP CRM Interaction Center User Interface

  • Context area
  • Scratch pad
  • Communication toolbar
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Navigation bar
  • Index
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Agent dashboard
  • Interaction Record

 Browser Versions and Settings

  • The IC WebClient is a thin-client application that runs in a standard web browser
  • Thin-client refers to the fact that it is not necessary to install any special software, such as SAP GUI — on the machines of end users, as was previously the case with older products like the IC WinClient
  • All data displayed in the browser is sent from the CRM Web Application Server (Web AS) via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to the browser client
  • With only a couple of noted exceptions, no additional browser plug-ins or custom browser settings are required

 Interaction Center User Interface

  • Some people have described the Interaction Center as an inverse L-shape user interface
  • However, as a general rule, let’s avoid using mathematical terms and letters of the alphabet when trying to describe the user interface
  • Rather, let’s say that the Interaction Center screen consists of several different areas, including a section on the top that provides various toolbars and other controls, a menu bar on the left-hand side, and a large workspace that takes up the rest of the screen 

Title Bar

  • The Title Bar appears at the top of the Interaction Center screen and displays the default text, “Interaction Center” as well as the SAP corporate logo
  • You can replace both the text and the logo with your own corporate branding
  • However, the process inv olves a modification of the code and therefore needs to be re-done after each upgrade. Instructions on how to replace the text and logo in the title bar can be found in the IC WebClient Consultant’s Cookbook available on the SAP Service Marketplace
  • SAP is considering providing standard IMG configuration for re-branding the title bar in a future release after CRM 2007

Context Area

  • The context area is located at the top of the Interaction Center screen beneath the title bar
  • The purpose of the context area is to ensure that important background information about the current customer and the current interaction is always displayed at the top part of the screen, regardless of which data or transactions are being worked on by the agent below in the main area of the Interaction Center
  • The context area is always present on the screen, and displays a combination of information including: (1) account info, (2) alerts, and (3) communication info

To read the first chapter of this book in its entirely please visit the “Member-only materials” section of the site from your homepage.

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