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Data Security: An Insomniac’s Worst Enemy

by Dave Hannon

July 8, 2011

By Dave Hannon


At first I worried that writing another blog about data security issues would come across as overly negative. You know, here comes Johnny Badnews with his scare tactics and statistics. But a recent conversation with a data security expert along with some recent CIO survey data convinced me this issue cannot be overemphasized today and many IT professionals are extremely concerned about this topic for good reason.

First the survey data. According to a survey out this week from Robert Half Technology (appropriately named the CIO Insomnia Project) nearly one-quarter of CIOs listed data security as the issue that keeps them up at night most. That’s far ahead of hardware and system upgrades or any other IT concern. The survey also found that 65% of CIOs estimate the average company experiences three or more IT security breaches per year.

Now the blatant scare tactics. This graphic showing the 19 biggest data breaches of all time is enough to give any CIO Freddy Krueger-like nightmares. Millions of records lost due mostly to hacking, but also some lost due to “improper disposal” or just plain “lost.” Yeah, that’s the CIO equivalent of Indiana Jones seeing the pit of snakes – worst fear realized.

Lastly, my conversation with a data security expert, to end on a positive note. This week I spoke with Bill Metallo, vice president of operations at SEEBURGER, on the topic of secure data transfe r. He told me that basically every company he speaks with has data security on their minds and while few have a clear plan for addressing it, there are more solutions available to help in these areas.

“Many companies we talk to have a pain that they acknowledge, but they may not have a clear vision of how to solve that pain,” he said. “What I see a lot in the companies that recognize they need to solve that problem is they are addressing it with point solutions and not taking a global IT shared service approach to it. We see that changing and many companies are looking to implement a comprehensive managed file transfer solution to service the whole organization.”

SEEBURGER’s niche in the data security space is secure file transfer, and Metallo provided some insights on the benefits of implementing a solution to ensure secure data transfer in this podcast below:

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Lucy Swedberg

9/25/2013 8:56:18 PM

Nice post, Dave. That "lost" data comment even gives me the creeps. My smartphone completely crashed on me last week (something about a tower failure wiping out phones in a certain zip code?!), and the thought of all my lost photos, text messages, and contact information kept me up for at least two nights. I'll also note that SEEBURGER has recently published an informative white paper on the secure final transfer topic. You can check it out here: