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For BI professionals, mobility and CRM may soon go hand-in-hand

by Scott Wallask

July 26, 2011

By Scott Wallask, SAPexperts

If you haven’t thought about what your role might be in mobility when it comes to BI, it’s probably time to start considering it. Otherwise, expect a tap on the shoulder one day, and when you turn around, your CEO may be smiling at you.

Whether you listen to scuttlebutt on TV news, rumors by the office water cooler, or the results of more formal research, it’s clear that mobile applications will put BI data on a whole new pedestal.

A recent article in InformationWeek, upon reporting results from the publication’s enterprise applications survey, said it succinctly:

Mobile applications are the most often-cited software priority, for both on-premises software and software-as-a-service projects. Putting dashboards, reports, and alerts right in front of business executives on their smartphones and tablets gives them access to information in an entirely new way.

If the C-suite is driving mobile BI, look out. Further, for the notion of timely data analysis on a smartphone to be successful, back-end BI syste ms need to cooperate with mobility platforms and other enterprise functions such as customer relationship management (CRM). More from InformationWeek:

CRM is another place where enterprise applications are colliding with BI and analytics, for customer segregation, up-sell and cross-sell campaigns, and anti-churn activities. CRM is also intersecting with financial and performance management apps, letting companies examine customer profitability and analyze costs.

Anyone using SAP BI or SAP CRM solutions can see these connections. Just like consumers want it all in front of them with mobility, so do BI and other business users. InformationWeek’s survey results add to that momentum.

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