What Would YOU Sacrifice Before Giving Up Your Mobile?

by Dave Hannon

July 29, 2011

By Dave Hannon


There’s no doubt most teens would forfeit their left arm before they gave up their cell phone (as long as they could still text with their right). But you might be surprised at what your boss, your co-workers – and maybe even you – would give up before handing over their preferred mobile device to the IT organization.

A new Sybase survey found that 39% of professionals in the U.S. and the UK would give up free food in the office to be able to use their own mobile device. Nearly one-third of those polled would buy their own office supplies before letting IT assign them their mobile device. And a full 58% of us would give up free coffee in exchange for being able to use our own device.

An office without free coffee? I like my iPhone, but without coffee, I can't see the icons!!!

All kidding aside, Sybase’s survey emphasizes a very real and timely point in the enterprise mobility journey – there is a very strong preference for choice among mobile users and they expect that their IT organization will be able to support that choice.

"Employees are beginning to have a much greater understanding of mobility, resulting in greater expectations from IT,” says Dan Ortega, senior director of product marketing at Sybase regarding the survey results.

It’s a mess age that just keeps coming up at every turn. I spoke about BYOD with Winni Hesel of Enowa Consulting in this ILN podcast. He said smaller companies may provide the devices for employees because they have one market and one data plan, so they can standardize. Larger, global companies have a bigger challenge. “That problem has to be addressed,” Hesel said. “We must have solutions for a bring-your-own-device strategy.”

Indeed the Sybase survey also shows that 59% of those who chose their current mobile device believe that employee choice is the best option for companies. And 44% of those polled said they don't have access to enough mobile applications to go mobile with their jobs and want a broader choice in that area. (See The Power of Mobile Analytics for some innovative mobile use cases).

IT organizations, take note – your internal customers really really value these things. So it’s up to you to find a way to support that or have a lot of unhappy users on the other end of those tickets. 

So I put the question to you: What would YOU give up before your mobile device?

Which of the following would you be willing to give up to be able to use the type of mobile device you want for work for the rest of your career? Choose all that apply.

Source: Sybase survey

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