What’s in a name? For SAP BI customers, confusion

by Molly Brien

July 28, 2011

By Molly Folan, Conference Producer 

That’s the $64 million dollar question. The answer wholly depends on who you ask. And when you ask. And what you ask about. And, well, just about every other dependency you can think of.  

Although touted as an initiative to “bring clarity around the BI solutions from SAP,” the recent SAP BusinessObjects BI renaming seems to have blurred the vision of most, rather than clarified. 

In an excerpt from The New York Times’ “Scientist at Work” blog, a zoologist studying the behavior of spotted hyenas in Kenya writes, “In our work we use naming conventions to help even inexperienced observers keep track of our hyenas and the relationships among them.”  

Seems like a simple enough formula to abide by, right? For example, if we strip the zoologist’s quote down to a mere phrasal template, and drop in familiar SAP terminology, we’re left with this: “In SAP we use naming conventions to help even inexperienced customers keep track of our tools and technology and the rel ationships among them.”

What else can Mad Libs teach us? Change the name and confusion results. Silly word games are fun for kids at birthday parties, but frustrating for consumers with a lot of money at stake.

I regress. Believe it or not, this post was initially intended to clear some of the confusion surrounding the name changes. So, without further ado, I give you the below (courtesy of 

Former Name

New Name

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Enterprise

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence platform

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Xcelsius Enterprise
>Xcelsius Enterprise Interactive Viewing

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Dashboards 

>SAP® BusinessObjects™ Dashboards Interactive Viewing

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Advanced Analysis, Web Edition
SAP® BusinessObjects™ Advanced Analysis, Office Edition

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Analysis, edition for OLAP

SAP®BusinessObjects™ Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence
(Installer name and documentation refers to “Interactive Analysis”)

Crystal Reports

SAP® Crystal Reports

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Pierre Leroux

9/25/2013 8:56:43 PM

Hi Molly,

It is true that we have made several solution and feature name changes as part of the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) 4.0 release. We believe these new names will make it easier to identify our solutions and to understand our solution offerings and capabilities.

True, it might take a little time before our customers become familiar with the new names, but the following resources will certainly help:
1- Frequently Asked Questions:

2- Introduction video about the SAP BusinessObjects solutions renaming:

Thank you.
Pierre Leroux
Full Disclosure: I work at SAP in the Business Analytics group

Sarah Cenedella

9/25/2013 8:56:43 PM

Thanks for the much needed cheat sheet. Wonder how long it will be until you have to update it. To me, this hammers home how sometimes marketing is the enemy of product development, because these products are truly improving with every iteration and changing names just detracts from all the progress that's been made, and makes it harder for customers to actually find information on whatever product they are interested in.