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Why an implementation project-based approach may be for you

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

July 15, 2011

When companies first implemented SAP Solution Manager, they often used global template project functionality as opposed to implementation projects. As Lori Sanders of Enowa Consulting notes in her latest Solution Manager Expert article, "Shift from a Template Project-Based Approach to an Implementation Project-Based Approach for Additional Functionality," these companies felt that the implementation projects lacked some key functionality that the template projects could offer.

However, as companies progressed through their use of Solution Manager, they found a key component missing. Template projects don't allow you to make any alterations directly in documents without going through the template first, which can be a hassle.

Lori takes you through an example company's transition to implementation projects, which give more flexibility and added functionality. Here's a snippet from the article:

Because I am converting template projects to an implementation project, I need to move all company documents from the Gen. Documentation tab to the Proj. Documentation tab. If this does not happen prior to conversion, the documents cannot be updated fro m the Gen. Documentation tab in the target project. (The documents could still be copied to the Proj. Documentation tab and edited there, but it would be impossible to delete the original from the Gen. Documentation tab.)

To copy the documents from the Gen. Documentation tab to the Proj. Documentation tab, select the lines representing the documents on the Gen. Documentation tab and click the copy document icon. For each template project, move all company documentation to the Proj. Documentation tab (Figure 5). You can do this for all documents on a tab at once, rather than moving them one by one.

For the full article, Solution Manager Expert subscribers can go here. For more information about obtaining a license to Solution Manager Expert, go here.

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