Setting up an automated testing solution among multiple technologies

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director, Financials & GRC

June 30, 2011

I mentioned earlier this month that we were starting another series of articles on Solution Manager Expert, this one about an automated testing solution by Corealm Consulting Company's Brikena Berisha. The solution involves using SAP Solution Manager alongside three other technologies: SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (SAP TAO), HP QuickTest Professional, and SAP Quality Center by HP.

The first article focused on creating a project in SAP Solution Manager and SAP Quality Center, and connecting the two. The second article in the series focuses mainly on SAP TAO, specifically on downloading and activating it, and then applying settings on different tabs, including the PFA tab:

On the PFA tab, specify the Test Folder Path and Path to Default Components values. Then select the Overwrite Test With Same Name check box. In Maximum Number of Tests, specify how many tests you want to be stored in the Repository. I chose 80 in my example, but the number differs depending on the situation. Specify where the Data Folder will be located and select the Enable Check Picker check box. Specify the On Failure value and don’t select the Do Not Use Screen Components check box. The Enable Check Picker option inserts check points in a generated test that are evaluated during the execution of the test. Selecting the Do Not Use Screen Components option causes the system to only use default components. The On Failure option allows you to define when a component fails during a test to exit or continue, which is a behavior of SAP Quality Center.

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