Tips for mitigating risks during you SAP ERP projects

by Winnie Chu

June 30, 2011

This SAP HCM tip comes courtesy of Winnie Chu, AspireHR, who spoke at our HR 2011 event, 7-9 June in Amsterdam.

High Level Risks in an IT Project

Risk in an IT Project 


Plan Risk Management

  • Risk is everyone’s responsibility!! This includes:

    • Sponsors
    • Customers
    • All project team members
    • Any and all other stakeholder


  • Managing risks will help prevent issues and reduce uncertainties

    • Issue reduction and prevention reduces time and money
    • Risk identification should start as soon as the thought of the project is conceived
    • Risk identification continues throughout the lifespan of the project

Risk Management Team

  • Identify and include key stakeholders from each business team to be included on the Risk Management team
    • Need assistant to monit or risks from all aspects
    • They are the “eyes and ears” for their respective teams

Risk Management Plan

  • A risk management plan needs to include the following:

    • Risk management team (“who” will be performing this?)
      • ?  I.e., the PM and team leads will be managing and tracking risks
    • Roles and responsibilities (“who” is doing “what”?)
      • ?  I.e., John will be communicating with Marketing for all branding updates
    • Risk category (“where” and “what” is at risk?”)
      • ?  I.e., Technical – QA system is not available for another 3 days
      • ?  I.e., Schedule – Lack of QA system will delay testing for 3 days
    • Risk schedule (“when” will risk management occur?)
      • ?  Weekly review of risk log
    • Risk management methodology (“how” will risk be managed?)
      • ?  Weekly review by risk management team

Escalating Issues

  • Escalation is a critical tool to be used by project team members to:

    • Help communicate threats to the project outcomes
    • Assign accountab ility for resolution of threats
    • Aid in mitigation actions for potential risks
    • Resolve issues which the team themselves cannot resolve
      • ?  All project team members are empowered to escalate
      • ?  Escalation needs to be managed
      • ?  Escalation must be documented
      • ?  Escalation needs to be timely
      • ?  Escalation is an issue mitigation process


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