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Xcelsius Step-By-Step: using Query as a web Service (QaaWs)

by Dr. Berg

June 13, 2011

By Dr. Berg

A few years back, I saw a great presentation by Joerg Boeke that covered QaaWs and decided to give it a try -- and it worked!! In this blog and will cover the steps so that you can also leverage this data access feature.


As we now have BICS connectors for Xcelsius and soon will have it for WebI as well in BI-4.0, some have asked if we can still use QaaWs in BOBJ. The answer is yes. However, it is a solution that has some limitations.

QaaWs with BW does not have good support for hierarchies. Also, the work built cannot be easily shared with others and access has to be managed, often case-by-case and query-by-query. The benefit of QaaWs is that it is a web 'standard' and has been available for quite some time. So let us take a step-by-step look on how you can use QaaWs for your Xcelsius dashboards:


A. Universe Designer

1. Create Universe

    Connect to the SAP NetWeaver BW system

    Navigate by InfoCube and select query

    Input connection settings (i.e., when data is retrieved)

2.  Give the universe a name and save the definition

B. Connectivity — QaaWs

3. Log on to QaaWs and give the service a name. - This name is seen in Xcelsius. Make sure the name is logical and includes time (i.e., Mfg_costs_2010)

4. Click on the universe you created and select the fi elds you want to make accessible in the web service

5. Keep the web service as “lean” as possible. Too much data will perform poorly

6. Preview the web service and publish (get an URL) I.e., http://Bobj:8080/dswsbobj/qaawsservices/portal_2009?def

C. Xcelsius

7.  Go to Data Manager and click Add --> Query as a Web Service

8.  Paste your URL from Step 6

9.  Click on the Definition tab and give your dashboard a name

10. Click the Usage tab and select Refresh On Load

11. Link the QaaWs data to the cell range where you want the data in Xcelsius, and connect your new dashboard to that cell range

12. Click Preview and log on when prompted

13. Publish dashboard to media (i.e. Web, PDF etc.)

So, if your organization is waiting to implement BI-4.0 or you simply don't have an upgrade on the planning horizon, this is an option, but not the only one. There are still MDX/ODBO/OLAP universes for those a bit less adventurous.

-- Dr. Berg



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Alexandra Weber

9/25/2013 8:55:48 PM

Thanks Dr. Berg for this practical guide.

Certainly, we would need to explain that same is possible from Data Dictionary and other data connectivity type methods, where reading either the table or classic ABAP queries as well.

The only difference it would be in connectivity types. It would be interesting to have a few scenarios shown exactly how that would occur, for example:

Connectivity via BW steps:

BW Query, Universe, QaaWs, Xcelsius or Crystal

Connectivity via DDIC steps:

Table or ABAP Query, Live Office, Xcelsius or Crystal

This is just to explain that posibilities are endless for BOBJ designs and SOA integration when it comes to SAP classic or BI way is still equally resulting in success.

Still, I prefer the classic way, as I find it less maintenance prone and quicker realized (2-3 weeks end-to-end designs are completed). Building the BW providers is not as quick, we need to understand that.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Alexandra Weber
Senior Consultant
Business Transformation Services Delivery
5301 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 790
Miami, FL 33126
T 305-476-4478
F 610-492-2487
M 407-920-5562

Bjarne Berg

9/25/2013 8:55:48 PM

Hi Alexandra, This older blog is specifically only for QaaWs for Xcelsius, writing all the other options would be much more in-depth. For example, we wrote 15 pages just on the HANA to BOBJ tools connectivity options in our new HANA book, and there are many good books summarizing all the other options... Dr. Berg