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CRM Expert Live: Marketing Session at CRM 2011

by Bill Pritchett

March 17, 2011

You’re ready to execute your first email marketing campaign. Your message is clear, your content is exciting, the target group includes a huge number of recipients who are sure to have an interest in your company’s products, and your marketing and sales employees are ready to follow up on new leads.  However, what happens if some of the recipients cannot see the graphics in your email because their email reader blocks them? What if some of the recipients cannot read all of the content because your HTML includes a font that is not compatible with a common Web-based email provider in their country? What if security settings or default preferences at the recipients’ companies prevent your message from getting through as you intended?

At CRM 2011 we'll explore this topic and discuss how you can publish your email content on the web.  This allows email recipients to click on a link that says, "If you are having trouble reading this email, click here." 

This interactive session ( will also include time for Q&A, so bring your marketing que stions to CRM 2011. 

See you in Orlando!


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