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Conference attendees: We're here to ease, and ... create your pain

by Robert Croce

March 9, 2011

By Bob Croce, SAP Experts

We at WIS Publishing and the SAPinsider Conferences spend all of our working hours worrying about your pain. No, really, it’s all about us understanding which information or solutions you need in order to solve those work problems that cause queasy stomachs and gray hair.

Yuck and yikes!

But seriously, we do spend a lot of time doing this. We talk to you. Ask what’s on your mind, and then build handy, dandy tools for­ — in the words of Ray Kinsella’s cornfield voice — “ease your pain.”

But then today, a funny little discovery was planted in our heads while talking to some attendees at the Financials 2011 conference here in Las Vegas.

Turns out that we at WIS are not only good at easing your pain, but we’re also very good at helping create some pain too. Say what? Well, here's the basic gist of what we heard from multiple customers:

"Sometimes you don’t even know you have a certain pain point until you actually attend this conference. But then you come here, discover there's a lot you don't know. It's a nice discovery, because then you can spend the rest of the week learning what you need to know."

It was a nice "ah ha moment" for us, although it’s something we should really be careful about before putting it on our future marketing brochures.

I mean,  I’m prety sure we don't want to send out messages that say, attending Financials 2011 was a “painful experience.”

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