Dr. Berg rocks the BI/IT 2011 conferences

by Robert Croce

March 16, 2011

By Bob Croce, SAP Experts

He is being led toward the room by an unlikely “body guard.” SAPinsider Conference Producer Kristin Bent is escorting the “rock star” through his fans in the exhibit hall here at BI/IT 2011, and to Room 124 just in time to start his session on enterprise data warehousing.

“I apologize, I just finished my last session and people were asking me so many questions that I almost didn’t get here in time,” says Dr. Bjarne Berg, BI consultant for COMMERIT by day, speaking superstar the rest of the time here at BI/IT 2011.

In Vegas this week, it was Celine at Caesar’s, Manilow at Paris, and Berg at the MGM.

I’m sitting here in his 4 p.m. session, and there are almost 100 bleary-eyed attendees, who still intently f ocus on what Berg is telling them on how to get the most out of “using SAP Netweaver BW as your enterprise data warehouse.” Most of them got to the conference center for breakfast nearly 9 hours ago. And no doubt, many of them aren’t getting their beauty sleep this week. It is Vegas, after all.

But they can’t miss Berg. This is the guy who they all know can help solve their problems, give them the information they need, ease their pain once they return to offices from Kenosha, WI, to Oslo, Norway.

“Berg’s the best,” one attendee told me earlier today outside of a session room. “Experts of his level and quality are the reason I go to my boss each year and say that we have to go to this conference. Great speaker. Definitely a rock star.”

And that’s why they come and fill up the seats.

A little while ago, I tweeted out the Berg  “rock star” comment, and within minutes Dan Chapman, an SAP FSCM specialist, re-tweeted it as affirmation.

A fan club. A following. Can a Twitter account with 1 million followers be far behind?

In the SAP world, he is indeed a rock star. In Vegas this week he is a superstar. Informative, entertaining, and ready with a good line when things don’t always go right during a session. Early in his latest session, and seconds after momentarily losing power on his microphone, he quips: “Maybe we need those new mics like Britney Spears."

But Brit has nothing on Berg. He is a star in the SAP universe.

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