Financials 2011: Attendees tell us what they came to learn

by Robert Croce

March 10, 2011

By Bob Croce, SAP Experts

They come to the Financials 2011 Conference for many reasons, very few of which include risky investments at black jack tables, or roulette wheels. (These are, after all, people who are stewards of their company's cash)

The real reasons they come are to learn, or solve a problem. To network with colleagues. To find a new or better way of doing things.

But we at SAP Experts wanted to drill into the specific reasons why thousands of SAP financials professionals are here with us this week in Las Vegas. So … we asked.

These comments were taken from random, informal interviews conducted with attendees between sessions this week. The question we asked was: “why did you come to the conference and what were you hoping to learn?”

Here’s what some of you told us:

  • “We needed some good info on how to get our chart of accounts streamlined. There was a great session by McKesson on that on the first day."


  • “There’s so much great information here. It’s almost overwhelming, but I really like the case studies. Very practical stuff we can put into practice immediately.


  • “For me, No. 1 is the networking. No. 2 are the professional contacts I’m able to make. You meet a lot of people with very good ideas. Also … some of the case studies, that’s stuff we can start using right away.”


  • “I love being able to get a diverse amount of info. It’s terrific that we’re also allowed to go to the HR and GRC events too. This event isn’t commercial like some others. Lot of straight forward practical info.”


  • “We finally upgraded to 6.0 last year. We’re still running classic G/L, so we wanted to hear about peoples’ experiences with the new G/L.


  • “We needed a lot of info on shared service. We’re working on open text for our shared service center.”


  • “Order to cash is very important to us, so there were a lot of good sessions connected to that. We’re learning a lot about what we don’t know.”


  • “Trying to learn more in the area of tax reporting was a big reason we came. We’re finding that this event allows you to make so me really good one on one contact with consultants.”


  • “Now that we’ve upgraded (to 6.0), we came here to learn how to do things better and faster.”


  • “We’re working right now on procure to pay so we did find some good info here and got a chance to talk to one terrific consultant in this area.”

These are just a few of the reasons we heard.

If you’re onsite, please let us know why you came to Financials 2011, we’d definitely appreciate your comments below.


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