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GRC 10.0 simplifies architecture for suite of applications

by Kurt Hollis

March 18, 2011

The release of GRC 10.0 really simplifies the architecture for the suite of GRC applications.  Now Access Control, Process Control, and Risk Management are all together in a single ABAP stack (system).  Now crystal reports are possible without the need for installing the Business Object Enterprise Server anymore.  This is a big advantage.  Plus, the entire suite runs in the latest NWBC (Netweaver Business Client) interface.  A Portal is optional. 

I was happy to present again at this years GRC 2011 conference.  I presented technical architecture and landscape for the GRC products.

I will respond to any blog post with questions about the technical aspects of the GRC suite.  I have upgrade and migration experience to share also.

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Ramesh Ramaswamy

9/25/2013 8:53:29 PM

To be back to Abap is a huge bonus for folks like me.I always had problem accessing the tables - relevant to PC/ RM 3.0.When ever i raised an OSS ticket i had a reply mentioning that a free access is not permissible.Hope this prob has been addressed to.
Am not sure if GRC 10 will talk to solution manager.