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Gartner's wake up call to all BI professionals

by Tony Harper

March 2, 2011

In the 2011 Gartner BI platform survey there was a clear warning to all BI professionals.

"In 2010, business users had greater influence over BI buying, often choosing data discovery vendors as an alternative to traditional BI tools. But megavendors continued to hold the majority of BI market share, despite ongoing customer dissatisfaction, by selling the stack into their installed base.”

While the wording points to the "BI megavendors" who are pushing "the stack". I see another message. The agents of change for the megavendors I.e. consultancies, IT and BI departments responsible for facilitating information delivery and insight creation are missing the mark. If we were doing our jobs better, "the business" wouldn't feel the need to take matters into their own hands.

This is not a new situation, for years "Spreadmarts" have been the scourge of IT departments, but now the "Spreadmarts" have a marketing budget!

This new class of information delivery tool has it's place in an organisation and driving excitement and interest in data is a worthy cause. I fear that unless we as IT professionals get our heads out of the data and the technology and back to the user, we may find that "the business" has solved their immediate problem at the expense of information management and we all remember how things used to be, don't we!!!

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