How to improve data load performance in SAP NetWeaver BW

by Kristin Bent

May 5, 2011

Without efficient data loading and extraction processes, any SAP solution is at risk of not running as optimally as it could. But with constant data growth, how can you ensure your ETL processes are happening as quickly as possible?

Here are 5 tips -- pulled from Jesper Christensen's IT 2011 presentation, "20 tips and tricks to improve data load performance" -- for making sure the performance of your SAP NetWeaver BW data loads is as fast as it can be.

Tip 1: Use the SAP NetWeaver BW 7.x statistics tool

  • SAP NetWeaver BW includes a great statistics tool
    • It collects information on most SAP NetWeaver BW-specific activity, such as data loads and queries
    • It’s delivered as business content, so you must activate it just like all business content

Tip 2: Implement the correct DB parameters

  • Key DB parameters
    • SAP has recommended some parameter values for SAP NetWeaver BW that usually improve p erformance
    • Expect to evaluate these parameter settings frequently, though, to ensure that the DB operates optimally
    • See three key SAP Notes:
      • 830576 – Parameter recommendations for Oracle 10g
      • 387946 – Use of locally managed tablespaces for
        BW systems
      • 1044441 – Basis parameterization for NW 7.0 BI systems


Tip 3: Use Start and End Routines

  • Start routines can be used to process the data efficiently prior to starting the single records processing
    • The most efficient place to delete records from the data package prior to spending time on processing them
  • End routines in SAP NetWeaver 7.x allows for processing of the data after it has been passed through the transformation
    • It is the most efficient place to copy data records (e.g., for generating year-to-date figures)

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