Join in the change management discussion tomorrow!

by Laura Casasanto

May 24, 2011

Don’t miss the live forum tomorrow with SAP’s Kerry Brown. Kerry, an expert on the topic of change management, will be here for an hour to answer all your questions on the subject. You can register for the event here and begin asking your questions now for Kerry to address once the forum opens tomorrow at 1:30 EST.

As a bonus, when you register for the forum you’ll receive a copy of a Q&A I did with Kerry for Project Expert this past month. In the article, previously only available to Project Expert subscribers, Kerry answers:

  • What does change management encompass?
  • Why do people resist change?
  • How does a change management strategy benefit the organization?
  • What role does management play in that success?
  • Why is communication such an integral part of change management?
  • Who should lead a change management initiative?
  • At what point in a project should project managers begin planning a change management strategy?
  • What does a project manager who has never created a change management plan need to know?
  • What is the main focus area in a change management strategy?
  • How does the change management element vary from a small setting to a large setting?
  • How can a change management strategy address employees who are reluctant to make the necessary changes?
  • What issues have you seen arise in poor change management initiatives?

Sign up for the forum now to read Kerry’s answers to those questions, and join the forum discussion to ask your own questions about general change management topics or questions specific to your company’s change management processes. I’m looking forward to seeing what interesting questions are posed!

-Laura, Project Expert


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