Tips to Determine a Successful BI Roadmap for Your Organization

by The Tip Doctor

May 6, 2011

Tip Doctor, Insider Learning Network.

These tips come from Kathleen Cooke’s BW 2011 presentation, “Tools and Techniques to Determine a Successful BI Roadmap for Your Organization”. 

With so many BI offerings from SAP and (so many methodologies for optimizing them), it can be hard to define a business intelligence strategy of your own. These tips are intended to help you shape, define, and move forward with a BI strategy designed to meet your team’s unique requirements. 

1.  Have  BI workshops that:

  • Shows management what SAP NetWeaver BW tools are and what they can do
  • Gives concrete examples of SAP NetWeaver BW applications related to their work or business
  • Gives guidance on what should be done and when
  • Asks management business questions to test their readiness for the SAP NetWeaver BW projects
  • Asks management what their key performance indicators (KPIs) are

2.  Assess your resources

  • Skill sets available in the business
    1. Do we have resources that know how to use SAP NetWeaver BW?
    2. Do we have a PM available?
    3. Does our Basis resource know SAP NetWeaver BW?
    4. Do we have the capacity to start a BI initiative?
  • User’s level of technical knowledge
    1. Are my user’s knowledgeable of the SAP source data, transactions, reporting, etc.?
    • Existing technical infrastructure
      1. Do I have hardware available to implement SAP NetWeaver BW?
    • Funding available $$$
      1. How much funding is available – for a small business content implementation for a given area, or cubes that are customized?

    3.  Obtain buy-in from stakeholders

    • Create a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC)
    • Establish project priorities with key stakeholders
    • Obtain funding and support for BI initiatives
    • Establish standards, including change management procedures
    • Align BI strategy to overall IT strategy and enterprise goals

    4.  Build the infrastructure

    • Determine the technical infrastructure needed for your overall BI strategy
      1. For example: How many servers and what size they are (get your hardware vendor to help, using SAP’s recommendations)
      2. Estimate the growth of your SAP NetWeaver BW servers for the next few years (your SAP NetWeaver BW system may eventually be bigger than your SAP system)
      3. Determine what you need by what tools you will deploy – SAP NetWeaver® Portal, SAP BusinessObjects, etc.

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