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Understanding Manager Self Service Business Packages in HR

by Jeremy Masters

May 29, 2011

 by Jeremy Masters, Worklogix

One of the more important constructs in SAP manager self-service functionality is the business package (or BP , for short).  A business package contains a set of pre-packaged roles, worksets, pages, and iViews for a particular user or user set.

For example, let’s take a business package for employees in  your organization. The technical name of the software component version for this business package is ERP05 ESS 1.0.  Every business package contains functional areas. In the case of ESS, these include: Benefits and payment, working time, career and job, employee search, personal data, travel management, corporate information, life and work events.

The following are a list of some of the more important business packages used within HR with their software component version, any prerequisites, as well as functional areas:

BP for Manager Self-Service 

  • Software component version: BP ERP05 MSS 1.0
  • Contains functional areas, including: Work and team overview, time management, personnel administration, organizational charting, organizational unit and position profiles, competency management, e-recruiting, performance management, enterprise compensation management, reporting

BP for HR Administrator 

  • Prerequisite: HR Administrative Services (HR-AS)
  • Contains functional areas, including: Start processes, Display processes, Edit personnel file, Edit employee data, Display employee profiles, Reporting

BP for Compensation Specialists 

  • Software component version: BP COMPENSATION SPECIAL. 60.2
  • Prerequisite: ECM (PA-EC)
  • Contains functional areas, including: Compensation administration, Long-term incentives, Budgeting, and Job pricing

BP for Learning 

  • Software component version: BP ERP05 LEARNING 1.0
  • Prerequisite: SAP Learning Solution (PE-LSO)
  • Contains functional areas, including: Current training activities, Search, Course catalog, Pre-bookings, Qualifications, Profile matchup, and Course appraisal

BP for Instructor/Tutor 

  • Software component version: BP ERP INSTRUCTOR & TUTOR
  • Prerequisite: SAP Learning Solution (PE-LSO)
  • Contains functional areas, including: Course details, Room, Course catalog, Course participants, Course follow-up

BP for Talent Development Specialist 

  • Software component version: BP ERP05 TALENT DEV 1.01
  • Prerequisite: Talent Management (PA-TM)
  • Contains functional areas, including: Succession planning, Competency management, Job families, Performance management, and Personnel development

BP for Talent Management Specialist 

  • Software component version: BP ERP05 TALENT MGT
  • Prerequisite: Talent Management (PA-TM)
  • Contains the following functional areas: Talent review meetings, Talent information, Talent groups, and Corporate objectives

BP for HR Executive Analytics 

  • Software component version: BP HR EXEC. ANALYT. (ERP) 60.3
  • Prerequisite: Business Warehouse (BW-BCT-PA)
  • Contains the follow ing functional areas: Key figure monitor, Budgeting monitor, Reports as such Headcount, Entries, and Leavings

BP for Employee Interaction Center 

  • Software component version: BP ERP HR EIC 1.40
  • Prerequisite: Employee Interaction Center (PA-EIC)
  • Contains the following functional areas: Activity reports, Customer satisfaction reports, Service-level agreement reports, Employee interaction center

BP for Recruiting Administrator

  • Software component version: BP ERP RECRUITING ADMIN 1.40
  • Prerequisite: SAP E-Recruiting (PA-ER)
  • Contains the following functional areas: Maintain internal users, support groups, agencies, Delete registrations and delete external candidates, Adjust support teams, Requisition management, Maintain talent groups and application groups, Access audit trails

For more information on all of the available business packages, see the following link:   You will notice that these business packages are cross-functional, i.e. not just for HR-related functionalities.

It is still important to know that new business packages are released with a said frequency from SAP, so it’s critical that you check on the latest updates from SAP on Service Marketplace (servi Also, as mentioned before, with all of these business packages, you need to be sure that you have implemented the corresponding backend components/plug-ins.  For this, you need to make sure you work closely with your Basis contacts.

I will be talking about Business Packages and many other important MSS topics next week at the HR 2011 Conference in Amsterdam, as part of my Jumpstart session An Up-to-Date Guide to Leveraging the Latest SAP Functionality for Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS). Hope to see some of you there!

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