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by Andrea Haynes, Senior Editor

November 3, 2011

By Andrea Haynes, SAPexperts

Perhaps your company has metricmania, a condition described by Mico Yuk as the need to get too many metrics into an Xcelsius dashboard. Mico, co-founder of Benchmarkers Business Intelligence and founder of, wanted to be sure attendees at the SAPinsider seminar, Xcelsius  Dashboards Bootcamp, did not confuse a report with a dashboard. This is apparently a common occurrence, as another speaker made the same point later. She advised attendees to ask some questions early on to be sure that the person requesting a dashboard doesn’t actually need a report.

Here are five ways she said you can identify if it is a report: Are there 3+ levels of drilldown needed? Are there no key performance indicators (KPIs) but only metrics? Does the stakeholder want to see thousands of rows of data, to use the data for analysis, or to manipulate raw data? If the answer to those questions is yes, then she said it’s definitely not a dashboard. The key, she said, is that a dashboard answers a question. She added that it is OK to put a link to a report in a dashboard.

Later the other speaker talking about the difference between a dashboard and a report recalled a client who wanted an entire financial statement displayed on the dashboard. He encouraged that client to use summaries instead.
The boot camp is co-located with the Reporting & Analytics 2011, Managing Your SAP Projects 2011, and Outsourcing 2001 conferences at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

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