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Setting up Real-time Integration of EC-CS and the General Ledger (Part 2)

by Paul Ovigele

November 16, 2011

Paul Ovigele, Ovigele Consulting

In my previous blog, I described one of the steps needed to perform real-time integration between the Enterprise Controlling Consolidation (EC-CS) module and the general ledger. This step involved creating a consolidation unit directly from a company in a consolidation group hierarchy.

The next step would be to copy the general ledger accounts in the chart of accounts into FS Items in the EC-CS module. FS Items should be equivalent to general ledger accounts on a one-to-one basis. To create FS Items on an individual basis, you can go to transaction CX14 and enter the necessary data. However, if you want to create the FS Items automatically from the existing G/L accounts, you would need to go to transaction CXN1 and in the ‘Copy from’ section, enter the chart of accounts whose G/L accounts you want to copy; then in the ‘to’ section, enter the consolidation chart of accounts and a description and then click on the ‘Execute’ button. The FS Items are then created with the same number as your general ledger accounts. I would recommend setting this program (FICICA00) as a job which runs (at least) every night so that any new general ledger accounts that are created are copied over as FS Items.

You would also need to assign the transaction chart of accounts to the consolidation chart of accounts. To do that, you should go to the following configuration menu path (transaction SPRO):

Enterprise Controlling -> Consolidation -> Integration: Preparation for Consolidation -> Preparation in the Co nsolidation System -> Collection of Data -> Assign Transaction Charts of Accounts to Cons Chart of Accounts

You can then hit the ‘New Entries’ button and enter the general ledger chart of accounts in the ‘Chart/accts’ column, and the consolidation chart of accounts in the ‘Cons chart’ column.

If you want your FS Item hierarchy (which is the structure of FS Items in the EC-CS module) to be equivalent to your general ledger’s financial statement version, then you would need to go to transaction CX16. You then need to go to the top-menu path: Cons chart of accounts hierarchy -> Transfer autom. -> Financial Statement Version. Then enter your item hierarchy name and description in the ‘Information about item hierarchy’ section, and enter the financial statement version that you want to copy from in the ‘Information about fin. stmt version’ section. You can then hit the ‘Execute’ button in order for the structure to be copied over accordingly.

A final important step needed to perform real-time integration between the general ledger and EC-CS module is to run the transaction to ‘Integrate Group Data’. To do this, go to transaction OCCI and enter the consolidation group name and fiscal year variant. You can then check the box ‘SAP Cons’ and click on the ‘Detail EC-CS’ button. In the ‘Integrated consolidation types / data transfer methods’ section, check the box ‘Company consolidation’ and select the option ‘Realtime update’. You can then go back to the original screen and save your changes.

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