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The Most Popular Question I Heard Last Night at SAPINSIDERS Ask the Experts Forum

by Danielle Larocca, Senior Vice President of Human Capital Management, EPI-USE Labs

November 3, 2011

Danielle Larocca, SpinifexIT

Hello and greetings from Viva Las Vegas.  I am here speaking at the Reporting and Analytics 2011 conference at the Mirage hotel.  As usual the SAPINSIDER team is putting on a wonderful show.

Last night I participated in the Ask the Experts forum in the Solution Showcase.  The forum takes all the experts from different areas and gives them a round table then any conference attendee can come and meet with them and ask as many questions as they like.  I was listed as an expert on SAP HR and Payroll configuration and reporting. 

The most popular question I get is “Is there one tool that can be used for all SAP HR & Payroll Reporting?”   Pre-delivered and for free?  The answer is no.  The truth is there are a handful of free tools inside SAP each satisfying a different area.  For example the Wage Type Reporter is good for Payroll reporting the SAP Query or Ad Hoc Query tools are good for Master data reporting, SAP Netweaver BI (BW) is good for strategic high level reporting or reporting off of multiple modules like HCM and Finance.

I met a few SAP Netweaver BI (BW) experts here at the conference who would say that BI can be used for all your SAP HR and Payroll reporting.  ; I challenge that with the following considerations.  For starters BI is not real-time reporting in SAP.  The data available in your BI data warehouse is only as current as your last scheduled download from SAP.  And about the downloads - there are a handful of pre-delivered ones in BI that extract key summary data for HR and Payroll.  You need to configure these extractors to pull data and save it in your warehouse.  It is my opinion that these extractors retrieve more summarized data that only gets to a certain level.  For example with BI I can create a headcount report and drill in to see how many employees in each location and how many are male and female.  To me that is summary data.  I want what is so important for HR and Payroll reporting which is transactional level data.  I still want the headcount and the breakdown but I also want to know how many hours each employee worked in each location (their clock and out times) the rate of pay for each hour worked and where it was costed to.  Standard BI is not designed for this.  Can it be configured by a BI expert to get some transactional level data – sure anything is possible but it’s not the standard practice.

I’ve been doing this whole SAP HR and Payroll reporting thing for 14 years now and I have only once seen a tool that does everything in one place – live inside SAP and that’s the Easy ReporterI saw it a conference liked it so much that I joined the company and I now manage the operations for North America.

I’ve never been much of a salesperson but I will say this.  There is only one YES to that question “Is there one tool that can be used for all SAP HR & Payroll Reporting?” and that is the Easy Reporter.  Easy Reporter is the only SAP certified solution that runs live inside SAP for real time HR and Payroll reporting.  Don’t take my word for it check it out for yourself online at or email me and I can show you a live WebEx demonstration.

And even though my career long search for the perfect answer to that question is over - I will continue to be a presence at conferences and write for the SAP Professional Journal and HR Expert Magazines on SAP HR and Payroll reporting.  My conference sessions almost always focus on “work-arounds” for trying to report on the HR and Payroll data you need and I am always happy to share what I have learned with others so feel free to reach out and share your opinions.   

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