Discover Business Process Blueprinting (BPB) in SAP Solution Manager 7.1

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

October 5, 2011

Continuing our work on Solution Manager 7.1, our latest Solution Manager Expert article focuses on Business Process Blueprinting (BPB). Project manager Karthik S J, of SAP Labs in India, walks readers through the ins and outs of BPB in 7.1, focusing on five key capabilities:

  1. Process modeling using BPMN
  2. Access to varied modeling content
  3. Deep integration with SAP Solution Manager
  4. Documentation of business processes
  5. Integration with SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (SAP NetWeaver BPM)

Here's an excerpt from the article, focusing on the first point.

The most significant capability enables you to view existing SAP Solution Manager content (previously visualized using the Component view Graphics tab) now within BPB using BPMN. In the screen in Figure 4, open the process flow modeling editor from the project navigation browser by clicking the + icon next to Order Processing and Monitoring to produce the screen in Figure 5. Here, you can visualize business processes in SAP Solution Manager projects using BPMN.

To learn how to integrate with SAP NetWeaver BPM, as well as the other functionalities provided by BPB, Solution Manager Expert readers can go here. For more information about Solution Manager Expert, go here.

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