Keep Track of Your Company’s Intellectual Property with SAP CRM-IPM

by Antoine Cadot-Wood

October 28, 2011

If you work in media, hi-tech, or life sciences, chances are your company’s most precious assets are not the goods in your warehouse, but the ideas on which those goods are based. Films, albums, articles, patents, and a whole host of other intellectual property might be the main source of revenue at your company (it certainly is for ours).

SAP CRM has extensive functionality for handling intellectual property rights, which up until now hasn’t been covered in our knowledgebase. This week, however, we’ve got a two-article special by Akarsh Ravi, detailing the unique type of master data that IP is, and the equally unique license sales contract that is used to sell it to other entities. While Ravi’s experience comes from the media industry, this material is equally relevant to an SAP CRM user in any enterprise where IP matters.

The article is a nice mix of high-level information and gritty configuration details, as seen in this excerpt:

"The standard transaction type IPMV represents the license sales contract. As with all One Order transactions, this transaction also contains all the standard components of a One Order Header, including Partners, Sales Area, Text, Dates, and Actions. You can access the IPM License Sales Contract in the SAP CRM WebUI by using the Business Role IPMRIGHTSMAN and clicking the navigational links License Sales > Sales Contract.

In the example shown in Figure 1, a contract to sell the rights of two season-level IPs to the licensee Test Licensee is being made out. The header consists of an overview screen that contains the IPM tree that lists all the IPs being sold in a hierarc hical fashion. SAP provides the flexibility to sell IPs at any level (e.g., series, season, episode). In this example, I show this functionality to be selling rights to the season-level IP Test Series 1 – Season 1, and to episode-level IPs Series 1 – Season 2 – Episode 1 and Series 1 – Season 2 – Episode 2. The SAP system provides an Expand IP functionality that you can use to explode a higher-level IP (i.e., a season-level IP) to its underlying part relationship IPs (episode-level IPs)."

If you're already a CRM Expert subscriber, you can check out both articles right here on ILN: Part 1  Part 2

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