New at BI Expert – Adding Customized Search Capabilities Using Data Provider – Information

by Antoine Cadot-Wood

October 18, 2011

Shlomi Weiss of BICS Israel is behind the latest article in BI Expert, which arises from a gripe he has with his SAP system:

“The basic variable screen you get when adding a Ready for Input variable to an InfoObject on a query looks OK. However, it is almost unchangeable. You cannot add any functionality to it or change its look and feel.

I am always disturbed when I try to search the list of values, but cannot control the values in the list. You can decide if the list is coming from the posted values (values coming from the InfoProvider) or from the InfoObject values as shown in Figure 2, but you cannot restrict the list further.”

Weiss uses the Data Provider – Information (XML) tool in Web Application Designer 7 to give users the ability to easily search in a predefined set of values, instead of all values in the regular SAP search screen. It’s an exhaustive step-by-step guide, and includes all of the procedures and XML code that you’ll need to create your very own. Read all about it here on ILN.

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