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Tell us your thoughts on the upcoming tablet battle royal

by Scott Wallask

September 29, 2011

By Scott Wallask, SAPexperts

Those of you who went to school here in the U.S. may recall the famous Revolutionary War battle cry, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”

The line implied patience, and I suspect tablet makers embraced that same fortitude while they waited for the real war to begin among their products. Now, with Amazon’s announcement of its new Kindle Fire tablet, the cannons have been loaded. Amazon, RIM, Apple, and Google are making their way to the ring for this battle royal.

The results will impact many of your jobs in terms of SAP software. My colleague, Dave Hannon, wrote earlier this week about the tablet, “SAP has been on the ‘pro-tablet’ side of that line in the sand from the moment it appeared.”

Before you get too confident in your picks for winners and losers, remember that great products and success don’t always walk down the same path. Anyone remember The National sports newspaper’s tenure? Success also involves timing, luck, word-of-mouth, and a willing marketplace, as Lady Gaga proves often (to her credit).

So taking into account all these factors, get out your crystal ball and look into the future:

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