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Qualification as core element of Personnel Development component

by Faisal Iqbal

February 29, 2012


A position is vacant and it requires someone from within your organization having certain qualifications. You’re looking for the exact match or the closest match to develop him further, Personnel Development component of SAP HR Solutions helps. Here in this blog I’ve explained the core element of the module i.e. Qualification, describing how to develop a qualification catalog and how to assign these qualifications to different objects and then to use them in different scenarios.

How Personnel Development helps

The component provides you with variety of functions for professional development of your employees;

  • from defining qualifications in qualification catalog to assigning these qualifications to employees and/or positions / jobs,
  • from matching your employees’ qualifications with positions’ requirements to devising a comprehensive development plan for employees and
  • ultimately evaluating performance of your employees


Core element

The core element of PD component is Qualification maintained in Qualification Catalog & Grouped as Qualification Groups. Generally, the catalog is maintained centrally to add / update qualifications. Qualifications assignment, however, is usually considered as an Administration task. A brief explanation of both; the qualification catalog and qualification assignment is given below:


Organizing qualifications and developing a catalog

Get a list of all of the qualifications used at your organization. Classify them in relevant groups. While developing the catalog, you’d be creating Qualification Groups first and later on the Qualifications. Assuming SAP Certifications is a group and all of the certifications are individual qualifications, the structure of qualifications would be as follows:


Group: SAP Certifications

Sub Group: Functional

                Qualification: Human Resources

                Qualification: Financials / Controlling

Sub Group: Technical

                Qualification: ABAP

                Qualification: BASIS

Group: Languages

                Qualification: English

                Qualification: Arabic

                Qualification: Urdu

While maintaining the qualifications you assign a relevant scale with which the level of expertise for the qualification would be measured. Additionally you can specify if such qualification expires after certain period.

A Tip: you can access qualification catalog through OOQA transaction as well though in the SAP Easy Access menu you see a long transaction code S_AHR_61003929.

Assigning qualifications to objects

Once you’ve your qualifications catalog ready, you can assign these qualifications to different objects;

  1. to employees as their qualifications and
  2. to positions / jobs as requirements.

To assign qualifications to either of these objects or any other object, go to Profile Maintenance transaction.

Employee Qualifications Profile

I’m certified in SAP HR and have ‘good enough’ skills in English with ‘Basic’ Arabic skills and I’m native Urdu speaker. So if you maintain my qualification profile, you’d choose th e respective qualifications (which you maintained earlier in Q Catalog) and would assign it to me.

Position Requirements Profile

Assuming the position you’ve vacant is for a project requiring someone certified in SAP and knows Arabic. How would you define the position’s requirements? Similar steps like Person! Yes, you guessed right. You only need to choose the Position object but have to assign the qualification in the same manner as you assigned it to me.

The usage of profiles

  • You can compare my qualification with the position’s requirements using Profile Matchup tool.
  • You can find out who among the employees or external persons hold the required qualifications using Find the object for qualification tool. Of course, I’ll be in the list as I have both the qualifications i.e. certification and language Smile
  • You can run succession planning scenario where all of the people holding the required qualifications would be displayed with % match… Again I’ll be in the list Smile
  • Etc etc…


Developing employees further

Another possibility is there; no one is an exact match to requirements but you’ve budget to develop the most suitable employee. The profile matchup tools give you an option of Generating Training Proposal (out of trainings you’ve).

Wonderful function, right? Cool

Personnel Development component has few other fantastic tools as well including Development Planning, Career & Succession Planning and Appraisals. I’m thinking to write on these topics as well someday.


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