Tips for setting up and configuring SAP ERP HCM Performance Management

by Amy Thistle

February 1, 2012

This HR tip comes courtesy of Venki Krishnamoorthy of SAP America, who is speaking at our upcoming HR 2012 event.

The initial steps to set-up SAP HCM Performance Management:

? Execute t-code SFW5 and activate the business function HCM_OSA_CI_1 (HCM, Performance Management 01) AND HCM_OSA_CI_2 ((HCM, Performance Management 01).

? Activating the BF HCM_OSA_CI_1 is a pre-requisite to activating the BF HCM_OSA_CI_2. The BF HCM_OSA_CI_2 is available only in EhP5

? If you plan to implement Cascading of company goals and core values, then you need to activate the BF HCM_TMC_CI_1 (HCM, Core Processes in Talent Management).

? You are also required to assign the role of Talent Management Specialist to the HR Business Partner who will be assigned to cascade company goals and core values.

? Activate the Business Function CA_HAP_CI_1 (CA, Evaluations, Appraisals and Surveys 01)

o Activating this BF enables you to use the service for
o Creation and Cascading of Goals
o Enhanced integration of HCM PM and HCM LSO

Refer to SAP Note 1239427 Business Function CA_HAP_CI_1 for details about this particular business function

You are also required to activate the following ICF nodes (execute t-code SICF to access the nodes), for proper rendering of th e appraisal document.

Execute t-code SM31 and access the table T77S0. You are required to make these two settings:

1. HAP00 REPLA: If this setting is , then SAP will use the older Appraisal System. To use the Objective Settings and Appraisals (OSA) application, you need to set the switch to either X,T, or A

2. To enable to accept attachments, the switch GENER OBJSV is set to 1

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Jackie Brewington

9/25/2013 9:00:39 PM

Thanks for taking the time to do this! When we implemented PM in 2010, our consultant (who was super, by the way) did all the preliminary setup work, and I don't have any documentation since it was "one time only." I followed your steps and saw that everything was activited as per your document. I also noticed that BF HCM_OSA_CI_2 is available only in EhP5, so I will be sure to activate it once we implement that service pack. We have the switch GENER OBJSV set to 1, but I had no idea that our appraisals could accept attachments. Is this something that I would configure in OOAM when I am defining an appraisal template, and if so, where? Is it a BAdI?