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A trio of new SAP HANA articles discusses options and possible gains

by Scott Wallask

January 12, 2012

By Scott Wallask, SAPexperts

Some people think bad things come in three, but I like to think of three as a good number. After all, three 7s on a slot machine reel means you’re a winner. A hat trick in hockey means a player scores three goals in one game. And a three-piece suit looks sharp.

So I think it’s great news for readers of BI Expert that we’ve recently posted three new articles about SAP HANA. If you’re not familiar with HANA, this is a nice opportunity to educate yourself. It’s clear that HANA and other in-memory technologies will be on the minds of many BI and IT executives in the coming years.

BI Expert’s new HANA offerings include:

True, there is a lot of hype following HANA around, but Campbell-Kelly takes the position that HANA is the culmination of a decade’s worth of technology changes. “SAP HANA brings the potential to improve corporate systems on a massive scale — and on a level similar to the move from mainframe to client-server, or magnetic tape to disk storage,” he writes.

Watch for further SAP HANA coverage in BI Expert soon. Meanwhile, if you’re a subscriber, log in at the top of this page to read the full versions of all three articles. If you don't subscribe, check out the benefits of reading BI Expert.

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