Top 5 Reasons to Read the January-March 2012 Issue of SAPinsider

by Amanda McKeon

January 17, 2012

By Amanda McKeon

The new issue of SAPinsider launched earlier this month and is full of the latest news from SAP. Listed below are five reasons why you don’t want to miss out on this issue. To read all of the articles, visit

5. Enterprise Support

One of the best things about SAP software is the ability to customize the solutions to create a perfect fit for your organization. However, the wide range of options can be slightly intimidating, and so much customization can lead to confusion. Luckily, SAP offers many support services that can help organizations optimize the solutions to their full extent. In the article “Maximize Your Support Engagement,” Dr. Heike Laube discusses SAP Enterprise Support Academy and the resources it offers, such as Expert Guided Implementations, Meet-the-Experts Webinars, and the Best Practices Library for Operations.

The latest i ssue of SAPinsider also discusses the benefits of participating in the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council (ESAC). By participating in the ESAC, you can be an early adopter of new SAP Enterprise Support innovations, work directly with SAP development experts, and join the annual event to speak with other customers and learn from their experiences.

4. Cloud Technology

An issue of SAPinsider would not be complete without a couple of articles focusing on one of this year’s hottest topics: the cloud. This issue includes an overview of SAP Business ByDesign, taking a look at three components that SAP has built out — the application, the platform, and the cloud service. Companies of all sizes can now leverage SAP Business ByDesign to help grow and profit.

SAP Business ByDesign isn’t the only exciting cloud offering from SAP. In the article “2012's Top Cloud Solutions,” Paige Leidig discusses eight cloud solutions that can help organizations respond to quickly changing market conditions:

  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Sales OnDemand
  • SAP Travel OnDemand
  • SAP Sourcing OnDemand
  • SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand
  • SAP StreamWork
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand
  • SAP Information Interchange OnDemand

3. Mobility and Social Networking

Anothe r hot topic this year is mobility, which is strongly tied to social networking. In his article, Oliver Betz describes the right way to implement a successful enterprise mobility strategy, starting with evaluating the business value — not all processes should be mobilized just because they can be. He goes on to discuss SAP’s co-innovation approach that helps companies customize their mobility strategy.

Social networking has also changed the way employees wish to interact with their colleagues in the workplace. In “Talent Management in the Social Networking Age,” David Ludlow discusses this trend and looks at why a next-generation talent management solution should be people-centric, encourage networking and collaboration, and provide insight for everyone.

2. Special Reports

There are two special reports featured in this issue. The first, Innovations, focuses on SAP and partner solutions to utilize big data and mobile functionality. Hear how HP, Dolphin, Cisco, and Capgemini can optimize your SAP investment with their newest solutions.

The second special report takes a close look at Duet Enterprise, which provides tools and prebuilt content to allow organizations the ability to use both Microsoft and SAP functionality. The following partners share their innovative solutions built for Duet Enterprise: Capgemini, HCL AXON, Tata Consultancy Services, Fujitsu America, Inc., and Avanade Inc.

1. Focus on Procurement

Finally, the #1 reason to read the January-March 2012 issue of SAPinsider is (drum roll)... the comprehensive procurement coverage. The focus on procurement begins with an executive address from Sanjay J. Poonen, President of Global Solutions for SAP, followed by articles discussing different procurement topics, including sourcing excellence, strategic supplier management, and procurement software licensing and deployment models. You can also read a Q&A with Chris Salis, Global Vice President of Procurement Solutions, and Emily Rakowski, Senior Director and Head of Procurement Solutions Marketing for SAP to learn how SAP’s newest innovations are changing the role of procurement.

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