What’s Got Jon Reed So Fired Up?

by Dave Hannon

January 18, 2012

By Dave Hannon


"This is a hot-button topic for me," says Jon Reed of in a recent interview with Insider Learning Network. "I see a lot of irresponsible articles out there that are frankly just off base."

What's got this SAP mentor and analyst so fired up? It's the trend of equating overall IT spending increases with SAP job skills demand. According to Reed, the two are not necessarily related, and linking them in reports only "gets people's hopes up in naive ways."

In truth, there are "pockets" of demand for SAP skills, says Reed, which are much more specific to individual companies and not directly related to IT spending.

In fact, Reed says  when companies increase their IT spending, the effect may be to actually reduce the number of employees through process automation. So equating IT spending increases with any type of job creation can be "irresponsible," says Reed.

That's just one of the topics that Reed addresses in his first Insider Learning Network podcast. Among the other topics we discussed are:

  • What types of SAP professionals companies are looking for now
  • Getting back into the SAP market after a layoff
  • Tips on recruiting SAP professionals for your team
  • Why Eddie Van Halen would not make a good ERP project team player


Listen to the podcast here.



W e'll be interviewing Jon Reed in the coming months on similar professional development topics for SAP technologists. If you have questions or topics you'd like to hear Reed cover in future podcasts, post them here as comments and I'll pose them to him in an upcoming interview.


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