Why Michael Doane is a Firm Believer in the Wisdom of SAP Crowds

by Dave Hannon

January 30, 2012

By Dave Hannon


Talking to a single SAP user provides a detailed picture of the challenges and issues that user is facing. Perhaps those are the same challenges that your organization is facing. If so, that conversation can be very valuable. If those are not the issues you are facing, then that conversation might not be that useful.

Author and consultant Michael Doane (@micdoane) of CGI is a firm believer in the "wisdom of the crowds" when it comes to establishing SAP best practices.
As he told me in an exclusive interview posted here, while a snapshot of a user is nice, "clients are constantly asking me how do they fit vis-à-vis all the other clients out there."

That's why Doane focuses on surveys and research of SAP users. In fact, he's undertaking one now because, "We need to refresh previous research we've done but there are also a lot of new areas for which little or no research has been done, like centers of excellence," he says. 

Listen to the interview and then take Doane's current survey The State of SAP 2012 by clicking on this link and going to the survey at the bottom of the page. As a bonus, all survey respondents receive a copy of the results when available and their choice of three whitepapers from Doane.

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Mustafa Al-Wardy

9/25/2013 9:00:35 PM

Will be nice to be able to download the podcast and listen to it offline.