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Advice from an SAP HANA pilot customer

by Dave Hannon

July 31, 2012

By Dave Hannon

I'll say up front, I'm NOT a fan of using unnamed sources in blog posts and articles. In fact, I hate it. But just this once, while I can't risk giving away a great source yet, the information he provided is timely and useful to a lot of SAP customers, so I had to dish it.

I talked with a high-level executive last week at an SAP customer who's piloting SAP HANA for a very unique application. That's all you're getting right now about the project itself (it will show up in much more detail later, trust me). His advice for other companies investigating SAP HANA is of great value because I think the "where to start" question for SAP HANA is on everyone's mind right now.

"The real power of SAP HANA is that it can help your company make better decisions faster. So if there is an area where you have a lot of data, but you're having difficulty accessing the data for end-users, that's where you want to point SAP HANA first."

Like any investment, the early SAP HANA projects have to produce hard returns, he says. The ROI you record early on will win support and funding for future projects. So his advice is to find an application early on that will produce reportable, hard returns and not an area that will simply speed up an existing business process.

"People hear about SAP HANA at a high level, but they don’t really undersand what the technology will do for their business and they hesistate to invest in it," he says. "So we've developed a pilot that focuses on a decision-making process unique to our business that will prove the unique value to our executive team."

Sorry. That's all I can give you right now. 

If you're really hungry for SAP HANA info, however, you can check out the upcoming SAP HANA seminars in Washington DC, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and Australia. No my anonymous source is not a presenter here, but you'll get plenty of other similar pearls of wisdom here as well.  

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Dave Hannon

9/25/2013 9:03:16 PM

My anonymous source is not-so-anonymous in the new issue of insiderPROFILES. Anyone figure it out?