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Eggs with Benedict Mobile Strategies Workshop in London

by Kevin Benedict

June 20, 2012

I had the honor of presenting a mobile strategies workshop (Eggs with Benedict) yesterday in Convent Garden's Hospital Club in central London.  The Hospital Club is a high tech and digital media gathering spot that was perfect.  The interior was very chic with couches and over-stuffed chairs, funky lighting and a lounge inside. 

Attendees traveled from all parts of England, and we had some even fly in from other parts of Europe for the workshop.  I was told by a group of attendees following the workshop that it was valuable and useful.  I even had requests to return and present another series of workshops. 

It is my observation, backed by solid research, that companies are struggling with developing an enterprise-wide mobile strategy.  Sometimes the IT department is the laggard, but most often I believe the business is the laggard.  Mobile technologies can truly transform a company.  It can change business models, and revolutionize industries.  The business must understand how they will respond and utilize mobility to drive competitive advantages.

I think some businesses are approaching enterprise mobility as simply an interesting set of technologies.   There is danger in not recognizing it for what it is.  Just like the web revolutionized and transformed media and the publishing industries (just to name a few), mobile technologies will lead to the demise of many companies that are not capable of understanding the scope and s cale of the sea change introduced by mobile technologies.

I believe business leaders should enroll their staff in an educational process on mobile technologies.  Find an experienced mobility expert (google mobile experts) and have them stretch the imaginations of your leaders as to the possibilities of enterprise mobility.  Mobility is here for the rest of your careers, so the faster you can understand it, and create a vision and roadmap, the better for your company.


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