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Key Date Variables Issue

by Maricela Avila

June 22, 2012


I'm working BO 4.0 and BI 7.3. I'm creating WebIs  with Universes which are connected to BI's queries.

I want to use four obligatory key date variables in WebI because in the BI's query is set (current period and previous period) but the Universe accepts one obligatory key date only.


I found some solutions, one of them consists changing obligatory variables in optional variables in BI's query but this solution isn´t optimus because in the BO recognizes the end of the ranges like two obligatory variables (current period and previous period) whence I can to create WebI.

Another solution is that I could use is to create four queries en BI with only one obligatory variable but this solution isn't optimus because I can´t retrieve the variables information and this information is  necessary  in some informs, and BO wouldn't recognize this variables like a range and the information displayed would be incorrect.

Another solution is that I removed the four obligatory variables in the query and I set the ranges with two optional variables, but it isn't optimus because the WebI desplayed me partial values only. 

Finally, another solution is that I create two queries one of them to current period and the other to previous period with (with two variables each one) but this solution isn't optimus becase WebI deplayed me the variable that was at the end of the range (BI considered this variable like an obligatory variable) and the variable was in the beginning of the range didn't appear in the incoming requests so the inform could display informa tion considering the end of the range only.

Can you help me to find the solution to this issue?

Thanks for your help! 


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Vamsi Krishna Chitluri

9/25/2013 9:02:56 PM


I assume Ingo's comments are relevant to BICS connection only but with Universes anyway only ONE KEY DATE variable will be applicable.

Vamsi Ch

Ingo Hilgefort

9/25/2013 9:02:56 PM

Hello Maricela,

key date variables are fully supported in BI4.

You can create the Key date variable as part of the BEx query and then leverage it in combination with any of the BI 4 client tools.

Ingo Hilgefort, SAP