Despite early limits, Dr. Berg touts potential of BusinessObjects on tablets

by Scott Wallask

March 27, 2012

By Scott Wallask, SAPexperts

Recently, I moderated a web chat Q&A with consultant Dr. Bjarne Berg (a.k.a. IceBerg and Dr. Bergmeister, according to his doting students at Lenoir-Rhyne University), during which he further discussed Comerit Labs’ research into BusinessObjects tools for the iPad versus Android devices.

A rundown of the research is posted here and you can also read a full transcript of the Q&A, but I wanted to highlight one of the best questions out of the Web chat from participant Mark Cohen:

Given the infancy of tablets and the suboptimal feedback both the Android and iPad OS experiences received from your testers, what is the viable argument at this stage for pursuing a mobile solution with BusinessObjects?

Berg’s answer: “The trick is to selectively pick the tools and methods on how to deploy the mobile solution. For example, the WebI and [Crystal] tools seem to work great on the iPads when used through the downloaded app. The dashboard works fine when going through third-party tools.”

Berg also noted that the new iPad 3 has 400% more pixels than its predecessors, which allows you to zoom down to many more details. This made Berg wonder whether developers will create monster dashboards that prompt you to zoom in instead of shift pages.

Based on those observations, Berg concluded that companies should not hold off on going mobile with BusinessObjects simply because the tablet technology is new. “Just be sober when you decide what to do and what tools to deploy,” he said.

Given the global nature of mobile apps, you may also want to check out our BI Expert article, “Create Dashboards and Other BusinessObjects Reports in Languages Not Supported by SAP,” by Shirish Dubey, senior IT consultant, and Rohini Rattan Haksar, associate IT consultant, both of whom work for Fujitsu Consulting India.

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