Key Points from Financials Keynote Address

by Gary Byrne, Editor, Wellesley Information Services

March 14, 2012

In the Financials keynote address at Financials 2012, Frank Laluyaux, senior vice president and general manager EPM, GRC, and finance applications, referred to a world that is undergoing dramatic change. For example, Brazil's tax code changes every day.
He said that finance should be a steward, strategist, operator (ensure expenses get paid), and catalyst (lead by example).

He cited three pillars of a financial organization:
1. Ensure regulatory compliance and effective risk management
2. Outperform stakeholders' financial expectations
3. Deliver superior service at reduced cost

He said that in-memory, mobile, and cloud technologies are changing enterprise performance management. 

Mark White, chief financial officer, global customer operations, at SAP AG said that innovation will bring success to organizations. He cited the following points as key to success for organizations:

*Operate with high quality
* Focus on the customer
*Attract, develop, and retain talent

He also said that finance should lead by example and talk with customers. He added that compliance must be a foundation and part of a company's culture. 


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