SAP Travel Management: Round Up the Usual Posting Runs

by Gary Byrne

March 21, 2012

I heard on the radio that today is the 70th anniversary of Casablanca, the classic movie about an American expatriate who becomes involved with resistance against the Nazis in World War II at the expense of losing the woman he loves. Suffice it to say that there was a lot of fuss in the movie over travel papers.

With regard to travel management in today's world, Gaurav Kumar Aggarwal, a senior consultant at Infosys Limited, offers finance managers some advice for streamlining travel and expense settlement in an SAP system. In his Financials Expert article titled "Automate Travel Expense Settlement and Transfer to Finance," Aggarwal outlines seven key steps for travel expense management in a standard SAP system. One of these steps is creating a posting run for transfer of a trip report. When you are ready to execute the settlement and creation of a posting run, Aggarwal states that "you have two options for selecting periods for which you want to settle and create the posting run:

  • Current period. When you use this option, the payroll period is used to determine the period for execution. This option should be selected for automation when your payroll execution is happening in SAP regularly and the payroll period is representing the current period.
  • Other period. When you use this option, you need to provide the calendar year and calendar month for execution. This option is more relevant for automation batch job creation as your payroll period does not need to be th e current one for automation to work."

Ilsa Laszlo also had two options: stay with Rick in Morocco or get on a plane to Lisbon with her husband. Rick, of course, makes the decision for Ilsa. I'd like to have a dime for all the people who have wiped their eyes with handkerchiefs when Rick places his hand under Ilsa's chin, looks into her eyes for the last time, and says, “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

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