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There’s No Stopping Bring-Your-Own-Device

by Graceanne Bowe

May 9, 2012

Graceanne Bowe, Senior Director, SAPinsider Events

The rapid proliferation and introduction into the market of tablets, smartphones, and other user-friendly devices has spurred what the IT industry has dubbed “Bring Your Own Device” (or BYOD for those who like acronyms).  As IT becomes more consumerized, users are making their own choices about how to receive information, view data, communicate, and work.  

How do IT managers feel about BYOD?  While the reduction in equipment and service plan expense is alluring, there is significant concern over security, according to industry blogger and Farpoint Group Principal Craig Mathias (“Why Security Isn’t A BYOD Showstopper,” Information Week). 

Since BYOD isn’t going away anytime soon, what’s an IT manager to do about security?  Mathias suggests that proper management in the form of updated security policies, revised acceptable use agreements, and user training is critical.  Integrating mobile device and mobile application management with network security is another “must.” 

Ultimately, IT departments that view BYOD as an opportunity rather than a threat could be poised to add value to their businesses in a whole new way.  By embracing and rising to the security challenge, IT organizations enable their companies to reduce costs and realize greater productivity from their workers.  

If you have any thoughts or comments about BYOD or experiences in  your company, please share them here.

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