Jeremy Masters on SAP HCM top issues: Self-services, EHP 6, and HCM Forms

by Kristine Erickson

October 12, 2012

HCM expert & HR 2012 speaker Jeremy Masters of Worklogix recently spoke to SAPinsider's Dave Hannon for a quick preview of his upcoming HR2012 sessions in Singapore, October 16-18.

Read the interview or listen in for Jeremy’s picks for the bigget technical challenges now  for SAP HCM customers.  Jeremy also addresses questions that SuccessFactors raises for SAP customers, especially in self-service, plus changes with enhancement pack 5 and 6 and HCM forms - all top of mind for teams running SAP ERP HCM.  


Dave Hannon, SAPinsider: Hello, this is Dave Hannon with SAPinsider, I’m speaking with Jeremy Masters, HCM practice lead at Worklogix and a presenter at our HR 2012 event in Singapore October 15th to 18th. Welcome, Jeremy.

Jeremy Masters, Worklogix: Thank you. It’s nice to be here.

Dave Hannon: Jeremy, it looks like you’re going to be pretty busy there, in Singapore, presenting on a couple of topics. I know you’re doing a couple of presentations on employee and manager self-service, so I wanted to ask a little about that speci fically.

Do you think that’s an under-used functionality, or are there aspects of that that HCM users aren’t leveraging quite as much as they should be?

Jeremy Masters: For sure. ESS and MSS. Every time I do these conferences, this is always a hot topic. Self-service, whether it’s employee, manager or HR self-service – it’s always something that customers want to learn more about.

I’ll be talking about ESS and MSS in Singapore and I’ll really be covering a range of topics within that self-service platform. One of the things, obviously, which is crossing many, many folks’ minds right now is ‘How is the acquisition of SuccessFactors going to impact my overall self-service framework?’ and that is a very important question.

I will be talking about that and answering your questions while I’m in Singapore, but other things I’ll touch on while I’m there include kind of the evolution of self-service, including SuccessFactors and Employee Central. I’ll be reviewing fundamental components or core HR, the stuff that drives self-service, so PA, OM and some of the technology components like portal and security.

I’m also exploring business packages -- what they are, how they help the overall deployment process and maintenance and such. We’ll be talking about Adobe forms and some of the recent news of some of the Web Dynpro ABAP replacements of those forms.  A lot of customers always ask me in terms of self-service about the HCM  forms and where we’re going with that.

I’ll be highlighting enhancement pack 4 and 5 functionality, so talent management in particular we’ll be covering. Chang e management training, those are important topics of course, some of the softer stuff but very important. And lastly within ESS MSS I’ll be talking about best practices and how I can provide some feedback on some of the things I’ve learned as I’ve implemented this self-service functionality.

Dave Hannon: That’s great. I know you’ll also be answering questions from attendees during an ‘Ask the speaker’ session at the conference. Are there any particular topics you think you’ll be hearing from folks about? Any hot topics? Obviously SuccessFactors is going to be on everybody’s mind.

Jeremy Masters:  Absolutely- SuccessFactors and the impact that it has on the current customer base. What is it really going to do for the roadmap? You know a lot of customers now are asking me, ‘What should I do next? Should I stay on-premise with my compensation management or performance management functionality? Or should I look to Success Factors?’ Well, certainly there’ll be lots of questions around that, and it’s not a straightforward answer unfortunately. It’s a whole podcast in itself, but it’s certainly an important topic to talk through.

Also, some other hot topics – Dave, you were mentioning enhancement pack 5 and 6, particularly in the areas of HR renewal. This HR renewal is kind of the new front-end to the PA and OM that SAP has developed. That’s definitely going to be something that customers are interested in.

Typically when I do these sessions, the new compensation functionality in enhancement pack 5 comes up a lot  - significant functionality improvements, usability improvements – t hat’s the on-premise solution.

And then lastly Adobe Forms. I mentioned that previously, but Adobe Forms and the replacement for those forms, that’s always an important topic for customers to talk through.

Dave Hannon: Great. Lastly, thoughts about going to Singapore? Have you ever been there before?

Jeremy Masters:  I’ve heard it’s a beautiful city, and country. I have not been there but I’m looking forward to being there and spending some time with my SAPinsider friends. So I’m really looking forward to it.

Dave Hannon:  We’re looking forward to having you. For our listeners, if you want more information about the SAPinsider HR conference in Singapore, you can visit the HR 2012 Singapore website. You can read abstracts of Jeremy’s sessions and all of the sessions  there, and get information on registration.  

Thank you, Jeremy.

Jeremy Masters: Thanks, Dave. Take care.

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