Mobile tip #2: Integrating MEAP into your daily operations: Always apply the rule of 3

by Allison Martin

October 2, 2012

In my recent conversations with a few of the attendees who are signed up to attend the Enterprise Mobility 2012 conference at the end of this month, I found that a number of them are struggling with how to best integrate a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) into their daily operations.

Keeping this in mind, I wanted to post a tip from an upcoming session which delves into just that! This tip was taken from the session “How best-run companies with asset intensive requirements exploit the full capabilities of enterprise mobility” to be presented by Quentin Fisher, SAP Edge Solutions Director at CSC, at the upcoming Enterprise Mobility Conference 2012, October 29-31 in Las Vegas.  For more info on the event, visit

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)

The rule of 3 applies when strategizing on MEAP 
  • ?  If an organization is targeting three or more device platforms
  • ?  If they have three or more applications
  • ?  Or if they have three or more back-end systems

?Then the multichannel or cross-platform tools typically yield better project results during the course of three to five years than native tools

Its's also best to use a MEAP when …

  • Multiple devices are targeted
  • Less-skilled developers
  • Rapid development required
  • Need support for provisioning/updating

Hope this helps!

For more information on MEAP platforms along with other tips from Quentin and our expert roster of speakers, make sure to register for the upcoming Enterprise Mobility 2012 event, Oct. 29-31 in Las Vegas. (

Hope to see you there!


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