Tips for documenting your SAP Solution with SAP Solution Manager

by Amy Thistle

October 12, 2012

This tip was taken from the upcoming session, “Tips to prevent your projects from spinning out of control (or, why SAP Solution Manager is a project team's best friend)” be presented by Winni Hesel, Enowa, at the upcoming Solution Manager Seminar, October 29-31 in Las Vegas. For more info on the event, visit http:/

Tips for documenting your SAP Solution

• Documenting your SAP Solution is the basis for many functions in SAP Solution Manager
- Business Process Documentation: Process and process step hierarchy, Blueprint documents
- Configuration Documentation
- Test cases, test results
- Development objects

•Functions requiring a certain level of documentation:
- Test Management
- Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA)
- Business Process Monitoring, etc.

•It’s hard work and a lot of work. Options in 7.0 were limited to:
- Manual entry directly into SAP Solution Manager
- Manually selecting relevant processes from the Business Process Repository (BPR)
- Selecting the entire BPR and then run Solution Documentation Assistant
- Running a tool, such as RBE Plus

•With release 7.1, you have additional options: 
1. Build the business process structure from an Excel file
- Business Process Experts don’t need to be trained initially on SAP Solution Manager

2. Upload documentation and objects into tabs
- Project Documentation tab
- Transaction and Business functions tab
- Configuration and Development tab
- Test Cases & Training Material tab

3. Leveraging IBIS Analysis content with Solution Documentation Assistant

For more information on Solution Manager along with other tips from Winni and our expert roster of speakers, make sure to register for the upcoming Solution Manager Seminar, Oct. 29-31 in Las Vegas. http:/

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